Services we offer

-- Services we offer

Equidem provides a range of expert services tailored to our partners’ needs and requirements. Our work falls within three broad categories: investigations, advice and training.

Investigations: We investigate respect for human rights and labour rights standards by states and multi-national businesses and their contract and supply chains using our unrivalled network of investigators to directly access migrant worker communities in the Middle East and Asia. Equidem can carry out ‘360 degree’ investigations across the entire cycle of a migrant worker’s employment experience from the very moment they are recruited in their country of origin to the situation for migrant workers living and working in destination countries. Our investigations are rigorous, ethical, empirical, and analysed against international and relevant domestic human rights and labour rights laws and standards, including:

  • forced labour, child labour, modern slavery, human trafficking, and bribery and corruption,
  • UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,
  • OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises,
  • national labour laws in countries of origin and destination including India, Nepal, The Philippines, Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and others in the Middle East and Asia.

Equidem’s experts and investigators cover several industries, including:

  • construction and engineering
  • ports and transportation
  • oil and gas, extractives
  • facilities management
  • health facilities and related services
  • hospitality
  • garment and textile sectors
  • agriculture and fishing
  • domestic work


We analyse state, business and third sector organisation’s existing policies and practices against domestic and international laws and standards and advise them on how to identify, remedy and mitigate gaps in human rights protection, and identify areas of potential human rights risks. We can also advise on practical, concrete steps to address human rights responsibilities under international and national standards in business activities including contractual and supply chains, and across different countries, regions and jurisdictions.



Equidem’s team has extensive experience delivering human rights and labour rights training modules to business, government, INGOs and civil society. Our training modules are tailor-made to meet our partners’ requirements, are practical and outcome-oriented. Our training is designed to provide clear, concrete and simple steps that seek to embed international standards on human and labour rights across your organisation. Where appropriate, we can integrate national standards into our training.